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Systems for Business

Systems for Business from The Andy Clarke

The Mindset and SYSTEMS© course is an annual program, to keep you in check, over the year with accountability throughout.  I don't know about you, I've been on so many "one or two day development courses" and whilst valuable, come back to the day to day and then caught up with my to-do's not effectively applying my new skills and knowledge. 

Being a monthly programme you will be kept engaged, accountable and continually build on your learning and new skills.

If you don't have any stress, smile when you look at your bank balance and have plenty of time to do your favourite things then this is NOT for you. 

If you'd like to change any of those answers then the Mindset and Systems course is for you!

The annual course will start in November.  As we are in social distancing times, the course will be delivered on-line, 3 x 2 hour zooms per month.  3rd November 9.30-11.30 November will be when you choose to be ready to change your life and business. 

Any questions or want to book on, simply call Andy 07966 232377 or email

What the attendees had to say just from the discovery session... 

Lucy C - Discovery Review

“After being part of the Zoom call for the Mindset & Systems Taster I felt inspired by what Andy had to say. His enthusiasm, knowledge and support throughout the taster was amazing. If the course is anything like the taster it will be absolutely fantastic and a great learning experience for anyone involved in it. Anyone would be silly not to jump on this course and change their mindset and their business.”

Alex S - Discovery Review

"Great learning curve for people in business.  If you want to push yourself and your business to the next level, this is a must."

Sue B - Discovery Review

"I recently attended Andy's taster session for the Mindset & Systems Course.  Andy is an excellent trainer and takes a genuine interest in the success of everyone's business.  I love that the course will teach about implementing systems and processes into your business and that the regular sessions are a great way to keep yourself accountable.  #nobrainer"

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07966 232377